[Repack] Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

[Repack] Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

Phần mềm Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 được quản lý bởi Hệ thống hiệu suất Adobe Mercury mới, cho phép bạn xử lý các tệp lớn, phức tạp với tốc độ cao và độ tin cậy. Một giao diện hiện đại, cập nhật tối ưu hóa các công việc hàng ngày. Các công cụ nâng cao cho sự sáng tạo cho phép bạn thể hiện ý tưởng hiệu quả hơn.


Thông tin chung:

1. Installation in two clicks, you only need to disable the Internet connection (or use a firewall)
2. Creative Cloud application does not litter in the system - the minimum necessary for it remains
3. The program runs faster - using a master activator from Painter
4. All localizations in the bundle change this way: https://youtu.be/GLV9OfAQ4L0
Switch_Language_AI_2015.3.exe (SwitchLanguage folder)
5. The original installer is used, there should be no problems with other products.
6. The ability to select the installation directory (folder) is implemented: you will see a notification about the incorrect path - click "Change" and specify the desired path. Please note that due to the features of the official installer, “Adobe Illustrator CC 2017” will be added to the selected path, so in most cases you should choose C: \ Program Files \

Thông tin bản cập nhật:

Illustrator CC (2017.1)

  • Convenient image cropping
  • Trim bitmap images directly to Illustrator to remove unnecessary ones, reduce file size and improve performance. You no longer need to use clipping masks or go to Photoshop to change the image.
  • Instant creation of new documents
  • The initial screen for creating documents is now loaded even faster, which has increased the speed of work and increased stability.
  • Improved Color Theme Panel
  • Create, find, save and add color themes in different applications using the convenient “Theme Color” panel. Discover the most popular topics and get help when choosing colors.
  • Increased stability
  • Your ideas, our embodiment. We have eliminated major issues with Illustrator and increased stability.


[Repack] Adobe Illustrator CC 2017
[Repack] Adobe Illustrator CC 2017
[Repack] Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

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